Drinking coffee in Corona times: How Corona has changed coffee consumption

The corona pandemic turned our world upside down. Suddenly, everyone was talking about social distancing, mask requirements and lockdowns. The consequence: Spontaneous meetings with friends in the favorite café were forbidden. And the charging of the energy level with the coffee to go in stressful situations also failed. Although much has now returned to normal, the pandemic has left its mark. Our consumer behavior has changed, including when it comes to drinking coffee.

Coffee: the social center - during Corona only in your four walls

Due to the corona measures, all leisure activities have been moved to your own home. Instead of working in the office, more and more people are moving to the home office. Restaurants and cafés closed their doors. But this also had advantages for the coffee industry because the consumption of the hot drink increased. How can that be? Instead of drinking their coffee in the café around the corner, coffee lovers did it in their own four walls. According to a survey by the German Coffee Association, coffee drinkers consumed 37,900 tons more roasted coffee from home in 2020 than in the previous year. One thing is certain, even a pandemic will not spoil our desire for coffee; instead, people have adapted to the new situation.

Expensive types of coffee became even more popular during Corona

The Coffee Association also found that expensive, high-quality coffee was the trend for a third of home office consumers. In addition, many of them switched from conventional filter machines to fully automatic or capsule machines. “Whole beans” in particular, which are primarily used in fully automatic coffee machines, increased here. Many now see these coffee machines at home as a new status symbol with which one can impress acquaintances and friends. Because it proves that you can afford high-quality coffee.

The changing coffee scene

Consumers became more willing to experiment. They used all kinds of coffee: powdered coffee mixes, coffee pods, capsules, filter coffee or instant coffee. In 2022, toppings and refinements such as Arabic coffee spices will be very trendy. And unusual coffee mixtures with tea, alcohol, and superfoods also make their grand entrance. Sustainability also plays a key role as climate change is a key issue in our society today. Consumers are demanding more sustainable products. And the origin and processing of their favorite drink are also becoming increasingly important for coffee lovers. That is why coffee producers are paying more attention to sustainability in addition to quality, taste, and aroma, which they make clear with seals of quality on their coffees. Sustainable products and environmentally conscious coffee consumers are causing a rethink in the coffee world.

The eye drinks with it – even in times of a pandemic

During the corona pandemic, we were on the internet for longer. Social life shifted even more into the virtual world as a result of the pandemic. For many coffee fans, social media is a source of inspiration and entertainment, and therefore also has a major impact on their coffee consumption. The coffee should not only taste delicious, but also look unique. Examples of this are the hype surrounding the Korean “Dalgona coffee” and the protein coffee “Proffee”.

Relaxation for the soul: finally enjoying aromatic coffee with loved ones outside the house again

Although most Germans enjoy their coffee at home, they drink it outside more often now that the corona measures have been lifted. Bakeries are their first target: every fourth person buys their coffee there. Cafés and bars are also very popular. There you can enjoy the full coffee experience, which includes not only the coffee, but above all the warm company.

Even in Corona times: Coffee is and will remain the favorite drink of Germans

Germany is a true coffee nation. Our love for coffee is so great that on the first Saturday in September there is even a coffee day organized by the Deutscher Kaffeeverband e. V. was initiated.
A cup of coffee is always good, we drink it on every occasion: at work, while eating cake or on festive occasions. The hot drink is even more popular than beer and mineral water. So, it’s hardly surprising that consumption has increased despite the pandemic. According to the German Coffee Association, it increased by 0.4 percent in 2021. This corresponds to an increase from 168 to 169 liters of coffee for each person. These numbers show: our love for coffee remains constant despite relevant changes in our lives. Coffee is part of our everyday life, in good times and bad.

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