We unite tradition with modernity

We prepare both classic and modern coffee specialities for our customers. From classic black coffee to traditional Turkish mocha and vegan latte — we have the right hot drink for everyone. Here we would like to give you a small insight into our extensive assortment.

To the world of coffee




Caramel Macchiato

deliciously creamy


Turkish Mocca

Enjoyment according to tradition


Iced Latte

enjoy ice cold

Experience our coffee at your event

You celebrate, we make sure with our coffee that your guests stay wide awake! Just book our coffee bike or the Ape for your next event.

Plan an event

We just love good Coffee.

As probably the most beautiful café on wheels, we offer experience gastronomy at its best  – that’s how you will be remembered!

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Drinking coffee in Corona times: How Corona has changed coffee consumption

The corona pandemic turned our world upside down. Suddenly, everyone was talking about social distancing, mask requirements and lockdowns. The consequence: Spontaneous meetings with friends in the favorite café were forbidden. And the charging of the energy level with the coffee to go in stressful situations also failed. Although much has now returned to normal, […]

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Refreshing coffee enjoyment in summer: simply make iced coffee & Co. yourself

In the past two years, many have used their free time and vacation pay to spruce up their homes and gardens. What could be nicer than meeting up with the gang in your own garden paradise for a few drinks and snacks?We’ll tell you our top 5 of the best recipes for cold coffee specialties […]

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Flat white, a coffee trend is conquering the world

Come with us on a journey to the Pacific and the Indian Ocean: on the trail of Flat White The Flat White is a true discovery for real coffee fans, which is currently absolutely in trend across Germany. For those whose heart beats faster with aromatic coffee, regularly needs their espresso-caffeine shot and wants to lick […]

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Coffee catering for private and corporate events

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. The coffee counter is the place for special events, especially at parties and events. The cracking of the coffee beans in your ears when they are freshly ground for you. The irresistible roasted aromas that get your nostrils swinging and just a few minutes later you have the […]

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Powerful, colorful and extravagant – these are the most Instagrammable coffee trends for 2021

Coffee gives the super power to accept every day with a smiling face. One push of a button and the world seems to stand still for a few minutes. The fragrant roasted aromas ring in the short break between home office and homeschooling. You feel how pure energy flows through each of your body cells. […]

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How to bring the Mediterranean flair into your home with the perfect espresso

Nothing beats a freshly roasted Italian espresso. A particularly beautiful Italian tradition is the Caffè sospeso: Before you leave the bar, you pay for an espresso for the next guest. You don’t know in advance who you are going to be happy with today and it doesn’t matter at all. The Caffè sospeso turns a […]

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