Turkish mocha – Tradition kisses modernity

Would you like to experience the magic of Turkish coffee with all your senses? Then you are exactly right on our blog. We are the Barista Family and combine tradition and modernity for unforgettable coffee enjoyment. In our first article we would like to focus particular on the heart of our coffee specialties: Turkish mocha. In the next few lines you will find out more about the history, the special preparation, why it is good for your health and much more.

Origin of Turkish mocha

The coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia and used there as a medicinal plant. At that time the leaves were boiled as tea. They later spread to Yemen, where the Ottomans, the ancestors of the Turks, ruled in the 15th century. The coffee arrived as a gift from his Yemeni subjects in the Sultan’s palace. The refined Turkish cuisine of Suleiman the Magnificent turned this gift into something spectacular and thus created a status symbol: Anyone who could afford coffee was now a respected man. This Turkish coffee shaped social life so strongly that it was ultimately even enshrined in laws. A woman had only one legal ground for divorce: when her husband was unable to provide her with the daily coffee generation.


In the Ottoman capital, “kahvechi usta” (coffee masters) have been appointed and coffee bars have been opened all over the business districts of Tahtakales. There the art of preparation was practiced, refined and perfected before it conquered the world. The recipes have been passed on from generation to generation – right up to our barista family.


Preparation of Turkish mocha

We’ll show you how to prepare the black gold of the Orient yourself in a cezve. Take a look at the full recipe.

Türkischer Kaffee

What should you consider when choosing a coffee for your Turkish mocha?

Depending on your taste, you can choose between Ethiopian or Yemeni coffees. We would be happy to advise you personally on the selection.


What makes Turkish mocha so healthy?

Its valuable ingredients make it a valuable part of a healthy diet. It provides your body with vitamins B2 and B5, manganese, potassium and magnesium, among other things.


Why is a Cezve or Ibrik used instead of a traditional coffee pot?

As is typical for the Orient, the preparation of Turkish coffee became a real ritual. The vessel also belongs to this ritual. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the result of the true engineering skills of the time. Traditionally, copper was used to conduct heat optimally. The finely crafted and decorated jug has a long handle, which not only gives the vessel elegance, but also fulfills a specific function. Thanks to him, a gorgeous head of foam forms when the cup is filled. Attention: Stirring the coffee in the cup is an absolute no-go.


For most people, the first coffee of the day is a morning ritual. But it is more than that. People come together over coffee. It is the meeting point for your communication. The first date, a long-awaited reunion with loved ones and the start of a successful collaboration begin with an aromatic roasted aroma in the nose. Being together – that makes life worth living. Are you currently planning a private or professional event? If a fully automatic coffee machine is not supposed to be the highlight of your event or your trade fair appearance, take a look at our mobile coffee trolley and our mobile coffee bike. It will be worth it – we can assure you – to read without coffee grounds.


Baristas Kaffee Rad Kaffeemobil


What distinguishes our mobile coffee bar from others?

Our coffee catering combines tradition with modernity. The look alone is eye-catching. From espresso to latte vegan to Turkish mocha: our professionally trained service staff will prepare every delicacy right in front of your eyes. Our eye-catcher, Turkish coffee, is traditionally prepared on hot sand by our mobile baristas. This is the oldest method of preparation and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – a special kind of coffee enjoyment. Experience the magic of Turkish coffee at your event with all your senses: the oriental dishes and the spectacular preparation enchant the eyes, the fragrant aroma seduces the nose and the unique taste is the icing on the cake for your palate. We tell the historical story of Turkish coffee in a single mocha cup.
Do you want more information about Turkish coffee or do you have specific questions? Write to us directly here or just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you on the preparation of your Turkish mocha or provide an experience with our mobile coffee catering that inspires all the senses and makes your event unforgettable.