How to bring the Mediterranean flair into your home with the perfect espresso

Nothing beats a freshly roasted Italian espresso. A particularly beautiful Italian tradition is the Caffè sospeso: Before you leave the bar, you pay for an espresso for the next guest. You don’t know in advance who you are going to be happy with today and it doesn’t matter at all. The Caffè sospeso turns a local bar into an important social meeting place. Social connections are established without any physical encounter.
The enjoyment of an espresso is integrated into the most important social moments. You don’t have to go without it in the home office either. You can find everything you need to know in this blog post. We will introduce you to three possible ways of preparing your perfect espresso at home, explain which factors influence the taste and give you concrete step-by-step instructions.

The Italian “4 a day”: Enjoy your perfect espresso at home

Hardly any other tradition is as deeply rooted in Italian culture as drinking caffè four times a day. If you want to feel like a real Signorina or a real Signor, the Italian “4 a day” should not be missing on your agenda:

1. In the morning: The first quick cup is traditionally sipped at the counter of your favorite bar with a cornetto breakfast. In the current situation, a mocha on the kitchen island offers you a powerful start to the day.

2. In the morning: Around 10 am, there is usually a short break in the office or during longer telco calls. The caffè offers space for small talk, important office updates and exciting gossips among colleagues.

3. In the afternoon: The digestive espresso is a must. Here, too, the focus is on socializing, nowadays, especially by phone or video chat.

4. In the evening: Whether to ring in the evening or to recharge your batteries to successfully master the last few hours of the day. The aromatic cup invites you to extensive conversations that are good for the soul.

How to prepare your perfect espresso at home

What exactly makes your perfect espresso depends entirely on your individual taste. In any case, influencing factors are the four magic M’s: Miscela (coffee beans), Macinatura (the degree of grinding), Macchina (the machine), Mano (the preparation). When making your selection, keep in mind: the higher the quality, the more delicious the result will be.

Possible preparation options for your perfect espresso at home

How to prepare your perfect espresso at home: the professional version
If you want to invest a few euros, you can satisfy your coffee cravings like a real barista. Do not be put off by the powerful appearance of a commercial portafilter machine. Various home models are available for the perfect espresso at home. With a little practice and a little instinct, the two of you will quickly become a dream team. The highlight: portafilter machines are equipped with a pump that enables particularly high pressure. You can find detailed instructions below in the text.
✓ You can adjust the pressure, temperature and amount of water according to your taste
✓ You achieve a particularly high pressure of approx. 9 bar (for comparison: an espresso maker with a pressure valve reaches a maximum of 6 bar)
✓ Your mocha is prepared in no time

How to prepare your perfect espresso at home: the inexpensive alternative
With an espresso maker, also called a mocha pot, you will also get a delicious result. You can also take it with you wherever you go. You will also find a detailed description of this in the following.
✓ Thanks to the simple operation, you can’t go wrong
✓ You have a limited selection of setting options and therefore do not have to try out how you like the mocha best
✓ You can clean the espresso maker quickly and easily
✓ It is extremely space-saving
✓ You get it for a small price
How to prepare your perfect espresso at home: the simple alternative
Some call the Neapolitan espresso the best coffee in the world. It is prepared in a Napoletana (copper jug) – similar to an espresso maker – on the stove. Are you wondering what the difference is? In addition to differences in taste, the choice between a Napoletana and an espresso maker is also a question of style. See the detailed instructions below.
✓ Thanks to the simple operation, you can’t go wrong
✓ You have a limited selection of setting options and therefore do not have to try out how you like the mocha best
✓ You can clean the Napoletana quickly and easily
✓ It is extremely space-saving
✓ You get them for a small price


Step-by-step instructions: How to prepare your perfect espresso at home


Espresso preparation with the portafilter machine

1. Grind the coffee beans
2. Fill the portafilter completely with ground coffee
3. Press the ground coffee with the tamper in the portafilter
4. Let water run through for a few seconds (rinsing)
5. Clamp the portafilter and start
6. Brew the coffee for about 25-30 seconds

Espresso preparation with the espresso maker or mocha pot

1. Grind the coffee beans
2. Turn the base down
3. Fill the lower part up to the valve with water (water may be preheated)
4. Fill the funnel completely with ground coffee
5. Insert the funnel
6. Screw the top of the jug tight
7. Heat the coffee in the pot over a low flame on the stove

Espresso preparation with the Napoletana

1. Grind the coffee beans
2. Fill the part without spout with water (max. Up to the pressure hole)
3. Fill the middle part of the filter with ground coffee
4. Put the filter in the water tank
5. Screw all parts together: the jug now looks like it’s upside down
6. Heat the coffee in the pot on the stove until the water boils
7. Take the jug off the stove by both handles and turn it around

If you want it even easier, you can of course just grab coffee capsules and coffee pods or press the corresponding button on your fully automatic coffee machine.

How to serve your perfect espresso at home

 Coffee has a particularly high priority for Italians, so a special gesture for the wordless coffee invitation has established itself. Of course, great attention is also paid to serving the delicious espressi. Many Italians have even discovered collecting coffee cups for themselves and well-known companies such as Illy produce a special edition for their community every year.
You can serve your perfect espresso in a pretty thick-bottomed porcelain cup. It favors the release of the coffee aroma and the storage of heat. However, serving in a glass is even more elegant. Whether you opt for a simple, transparent glass or you choose the variant with expressive color patterns is entirely up to you.

How to enjoy your perfect espresso at home

 An upright position is common so that the espresso can flow through your body from top to bottom and supply it with energy. Top it off with sugar, milk, or alcohol, if you like. Our tip: For a more intense taste experience, you can take a sip of still water afterwards. Do you love the variety of coffee? The coffee trends for 2021 are waiting for you here with inspiring recipes.