Powerful, colorful and extravagant – these are the most Instagrammable coffee trends for 2021


Coffee gives the super power to accept every day with a smiling face. One push of a button and the world seems to stand still for a few minutes. The fragrant roasted aromas ring in the short break between home office and homeschooling. You feel how pure energy flows through each of your body cells. This year, too, curiosity and creativity have influenced the coffee world. Anyone who feared that the classic hot beverage might lose its wow factor can now take a deep breath and lean back and relax. Because here applies: the more unusual your fancy coffee, the better. Combinations that you probably never thought possible, outstanding designs and growing health awareness shape the coffee trends of the last few years, as well as those of 2021.


Coffee trend 2021 # 1: Deceleration for people and the environment

More and more people are rethinking their eating habits and are turning to alternatives of plant origin. In the last few years alone, the number of vegetarians and vegans has increased many times over. This trend is also noticeable in the coffee lover and thus in the coffee trends in 2021. Plant-based alternatives to conventional cow’s milk such as almond or oat milk are more in demand than ever.


Coffee trend 2021 # 2: Coffee with superfood integrated into everyday life

This trend is definitely beneficial for your taste buds and your health. In addition to the established rule of thumb “five a day”, the intake of supplements and health-promoting rituals such as morning meditations, a completely new healthy life trend is emerging: coffee combined with superfoods such as turmeric and coconut oil.


Coffee trend 2021 # 3: Your favorite cocktail created with coffee

The dessert after the dessert? Your new highlight in the evening could be a mixed drink made from coffee and alcohol. For example the creamy espresso gin and tonic – simply to melt away.


Coffee trend 2021 # 4: focus is on sustainability

Issues such as sustainability and regionality are becoming more and more important because the sense of responsibility for our environment is increasing. Seals of quality such as fair trade are increasingly influencing purchasing decisions when choosing a coffee.


Coffee trend 2021 # 5: Coffee trips @home

Globetrotters were suddenly thwarted by the pandemic. We are looking for creative alternatives in order to discover new cultures even in these times. Coffee beans from all over the world create that holiday feeling in your own four walls. Close your eyes – open your nostrils.


Coffee trend 2021 # 6: Coffee to go

Spring in your nose, a pleasantly warm tickling on your cheeks and the saturated colors of nature make you shine. With the coffee in the reusable to go mug you can transform almost any place into your personal place to be.


Feast your way through the coffee trends for 2021 with our recipe recommendations

Can you only think of coffee? Well then, get to the coffee beans! Take a look at our recipe recommendations below. The espresso and latte versions of each recipe are a heavenly delight. We hope you enjoy browsing through it.


Start your day right with the superfood macchiato

With this fancy drink you can eat all the superfoods your body needs to get started right after getting up. You can top your superfood macchiato with a topping made from chia seeds. This coffee variation has the potential to have a place in your morning ritual.

  1. Pour a dash of cold milk into a glass
  2. Froth milk and pour it into the glass
  3. Prepare the espresso and mix it with any superfoods
  4. Pour in the espresso slowly


The pick-me-up Goth Latte

Black, blacker, goth coffee. The Goth Latte is an absolute eye-catcher for everyone who likes it really creepy. The activated charcoal can naturally bind toxins and bacteria and remove them from the gastrointestinal tract. Are you wondering if that can taste good? We can reassure you, the activated charcoal is tasteless. The coffee owes the wow effect to its striking appearance.

  1. Pour a dash of cold milk into a glass
  2. Froth milk and pour it into the glass
  3. Prepare the espresso with activated charcoal
  4. Pour in the espresso slowly


Long-lasting performance with the bullet-proof coffee

The bullet-proof coffee sounds like a calorie bomb at first. In fact, it can help you lose weight with a long-lasting feeling of satiety and keep you from the usual lunchtime low with its power.

  1. Prepare the espresso
  2. Put about 2 tablespoons each of butter and oil in the blender along with the espresso
  3. Mix the ingredients until the consistency is right


Color up your life with the Blue Pea Flower Latte

Bring color into play with the Blue Pea Flower Latte. Visually and in terms of taste, you can definitely make an impression with this at the next girls’ evening. There

In addition, your organism can look forward to a lot of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and peptides.

  1. Heat the milk
  2. Sieve butterfly pea powder into the milk
  3. Add vanilla extract and maple syrup
  4. Prepare the espresso
  5. Pour the milk into the glass 6. Add the espresso


Ice-cold enjoyment with the espresso gin and tonic

The Espresso Gin Tonic is perfect for a quick dessert substitute, but can also be combined with tiramisu & Co.

  1. Fill the glass with ice cubes
  2. Pour gin
  3. Add a double espresso
  4. Fill the glass with tonic


The timeless Turkish mocha

In our eyes, Turkish mocha is not directly one of the current coffee trends, but the balanced mix of tradition and modernity make it a timeless eye-catcher. It is traditionally prepared on hot sand. This unique preparation method is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both the result and the preparation are an absolute highlight. You can find the recipe here. We are curious to see how much barista you have in you. Which coffee trend is your favorite in 2021? Post your favorite variation on Instagram and tag us with @baristafamily.de